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Current repertoire

Note: Daytime performances at 12:00; 14:00, evening performances at 19:00,
on the small stage starts at 19:00.


S.Rustam “Mrs. Chimnaz is sleeping”
A.Hagverdiyev “Pari Jadu” (mystical tragedy)
H.Javid “Sheikh Sanan” (tragedy)
J.Jabbarly “Aydin” (love drama)
T.Valiyeva “My white dove” (lyrical drama)
M.F.Akhundzadeh “Hekayati-khirs-gouldurbasan” (comedy)
M.F.Akhundzadeh "The adventures of Vizier of khan of Lankaran” (comedy)
A.Amirly “I love you” (lyrical comedy)
I.Afandiyev “Destroyed diaries” (psychological drama)
W.Shakespeare “Romeo and Juliette” (love story)
Elchin “Adventures of Buzovna district” (comedy)
M.F.Akhundzadeh “Monsieur Jordan and Dervish Mastali Shah” (comedy)
M.F.Akhundzadeh “Haji Gara” (comedy)
L.Nouren “I came, girls” (“War”) (modern drama)
A.Amirly “The other side of the fence” (two-part family drama)
Martin McDonagh “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” (Leenane trilogy)
Martin McDonagh “A skull in Connemara” (Leenane trilogy)
Martin McDonagh “The Lonesome West” (the trilogy of Leenane)
I.Afandiyev “Valeh's tale with yellow shirted” (one-part love epic)
W.Shakespeare “Richard III”
A.Hagverdiyev “The letters of devil from hell” (one-part edifying narration)
K.Galdoni “Hotel Owner” (two-part comedy)
V.Shugrayeva, A.Amirly “Relatives” (two-part musical)
M.Fuzuli “Leyli and Majnun” (two-part tragedy)
A.Amirly “Train without destination” (two-part drama of the realities)
Y.Abramov, L.Bayim “Unfinished” (one-part psychological drama)


B.Marvin“Sleeping beauty”
Azerbaijani folktale“Pretty Fatma”
Arabic folktale“Aladdin's magic lamp”
N. Ganjavi“Good and Evil”
Ernest Hoffmann“Nutcracker”
Dilsuz"Alinja Castle”
P.Panchev"The tale of four twins"
S.S.Akhundov, A.Shaig"Blackish Girl"
A.Tolstoy"Buratino's Adventures"
A.Lindgren“Lillebror and Karlsson who lives on the roof”
A.Shaig“Speaking doll”
Y.Svarts“Little Red Riding Hood”
P.Nuraliyeva“Naughty goat”
H.Kh.Andersen“Ugly duckling”
Kh.Alibayli«Balaca və damda yaşayan Karlson»
Astrid Lindgren"PippiLongstocking"
J.Swift"Gulliver in the land of the Lilliputians"


P.Turrini “At last ended...” (mono)
P.Susskind “Contrabass” (mono)
N.V.Gogol “Notes of a madman” (mono)
R.Aghayev “Tale of a night”
F.Dostoyevsky “Idiot” (mono)
T.Valiyeva “Punishment” (mono psychological game)
W.Louis “I've lived as I wanted” (mono performance)

You may download here the current repertoire as PDF.

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